Photos from Our Trip to Peru, May-June, 2004

These are photos from the Charity Hike for the Summit for Danny and All our Kids that Sherry and I took to Peru May and June of 2004.

With 11 other hikers, we obtained donation pledges to support the on-going operations and eventual purchase of a building for adolescent alcolholism and drug abuse treatment for the youth of Santa Barbara. More photos and information about the organization (and of course how to make a donation) may be found at

The photos are in divided into index pages with 10 photos to a page. Thumbnail images are shown on each album page. Clicking on any individual thumbnail image will cause the corresponding full size image to appear. The first 22 index pages are Don's photos, the last two are Sherry's. Guess who spends most of his time with a camera in hand.

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